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Personal Computing Made Simple
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Solve PC problems yourself.

You can ..... quickly and easily, with the Personal Computing Made Simple home learning course from DiscoverIT(SM), Experts in Computer Education.

Get a handle on the basic facts necessary to use personal computers efficiently. Receive a complete overview of computer software, hardware and networking. We cover all components of a PC including memory, storage, processors and peripheral devices.

You’ll learn how software drives computing systems, how to connect printers, and the basics of data communications including how the Internet works. Hands-on exercises help reinforce what you’ve learned.

Get it now and start learning today!

What our customers have to say…..

“I had been working with computers for at least three years before I took the Personal Computing Made Simple course”, notes Carole Jenkins, an office assistant. “This course really helped me to understand what I was doing”.

“After completing the DiscoverIT(SM) course I was able to learn software packages much faster. I am even able to figure out solutions to most problems myself!” says Jean Pierre Lake, a search firm executive.

Triumphantly, Mildred Hilton, a grandmother of two, proclaimed, “Now I can install software, better understand the Internet and use my printer, scanner and digital camera. I also know what to look for when buying computer products.”

· Basic Concepts: Memory, Storage & Processing
· Software
· Hardware
· Telecommunications
· How It All Works
· How To Buy a Personal Computing System

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