This course will cover the basic concepts that are necessary to efficiently use personal computers. You will receive a complete overview of computer software, hardware and networking. We will cover the components of a personal computer including memory, storage, processors and peripheral devices. You will learn how software drives computing systems, how to install and connect computer peripheral equipment, and the basics of data communications including how the Internet works. This course includes hands-on exercises and quizzes to help enforce the material that is taught. You will learn how to use Microsoft WINDOWS and actually create a word processing document!


· Basic Concepts: Memory, Storage & Processing

· Software

· Hardware

· Telecommunications

· How It All Works

· How To Buy a Personal Computing System

Intended Audience: This basic computer training course is designed anyone who wants to gain a basic understanding of how personal computers work. This may include students, those persons who are preparing for a new job or promotion, anyone who wants to use computers at home or interact with their children who use computers. Classes are grouped to accommodate all ages, from 3 to 103.